A key element in attracting and attaining the best talent is to pay them what they deserve for the job they perform. Combining our experience with your desire to motivate your employees, we will create a program that achieves these goals.

Compensation and Plan Development

Our experienced team will work with you to develop a solid compensation program starting from the basics -- a proper job analysis. We will work with you to effectively define the roles in your organization, their fit in your structure, and the value both internally and externally. This analysis will result in the development of thorough job descriptions for roles, allowing us to help you in slotting them into a structure and creating a solid path development program.

Compensation Benchmarking

A Market Competitive Analysis will help ensure that you are paying competitively. This is especially important for key roles within your organization and will be a major factor in hiring as we begin to move out of the recession. When the unemployment rate begins to drop and competition for talent begins to increase, successful companies will have a strategy for retaining and attaining great talent. Knowledge of what the competition is paying for a job is a major factor in achieving this goal. We will work with you to know the value of your roles in your market and create total rewards compensation program that helps you create a competitive edge.

The Total Rewards package will include factors such as base pay, variable pay, and employee benefits. We are prepared to support you in creating a package that meets your budget, gives you the advantage over your competitors, and supports your employee retention efforts.

Incentive Plans

To properly compensate for performance, we encourage pay programs that offer both base and variable pay. The professionals at Intuitive HR will work with you to create variable pay programs that tie to business goals and are customized according to roles.