Performance Management

Good companies address people issues. This includes positive recognition for good work and performance actions when things are going so well. Creating and conducting these reviews to many seems like common sense. However, studies have shown that the vast majority of performance reviews are ineffective in improving performance. Our team will help you develop a program that supports your need for proper performance documentation, but provides true value to your employees and managers.

This program includes development of the process, materials and training for managers empowered to conduct performance evaluations.

Job Design and Evaluation

The basis for many effective HR programs is strong job design and evaluations. This leads to valid job descriptions and supports compensation, performance management, employee relations, legal compliance, and career path development. We at Intuitive HR are educated and experienced in all aspects of these processes, and we’re eager to create a program right for your organization.

Policy & Procedure Development

We believe that your Employee Handbook serves as the foundation for developing best practices with your employees and establishing the culture you desire.

In addition to protecting your company from employment-related legal concerns, a solid Employee Handbook is a critical tool in establishing clear and open lines of communication with your employees by establishing expectations for performance and behavior.

The team at Intuitive HR offers the resources necessary to evaluate legal requirements in all U.S. states and several areas outside of the country. We are ready to service the needs of our small to mid-sized global clients as well.

We start with a standard template that incorporates best practices and complies with federal legal standards to get the project started quickly and streamline costs effectively.

From there, we will work with your team to understand your company, what you do, and who you want to be. Using this vital information, we will customize your manual so it effectively conveys the goals and values of your organization.

We will use the same guiding principles of first knowing our client’s goals and services, and use this knowledge to effectively review and modify existing documents. By doing so, we create a customized manual that is ideally suited for your organization.

Every successful HR department has solid procedures in place to streamline work flow, ensure compliance, and provide the best service to their employees.

Our team of HR experts is prepared to evaluate your structure and create procedures that achieve your goals. We can offer a fresh perspective by evaluating existing procedures to reach the same goals.

Examples of these procedures are:

  • Forms and Checklist Development
  • Recruitment Process
  • New Hire Process
  • Exit Interview Process