Strategic HR

Executive Team Coaching

Many leadership teams struggle with working cohesively, making it difficult for them to reach their goals. Specifically, many leaders fail to recognize they are working for the same team, and sometimes certain elements of their management style prevent individual and group success. Kim Giangrande has a proven track record of working with leadership teams to identify the dynamics that limit success. By determining the traits and issues that hinder the team’s success, and by openly addressing them with the individuals and teams, she has helped many leaders achieve individual growth, which in turn has naturally galvanized their team’s and company’s growth.

Merger / Acquisition / Integration

A key area of strength for Intuitive HR is supporting companies in transition. Our key leaders are highly experienced and skilled in evaluating situations and people. Considering both their findings and your leadership goals, they will make recommendations for mapping out transition plans that appropriately reflect the expectations of the key stakeholders, leaders, and employees.

Reductions In Force

It is unfortunate that in this tough economy, many companies might have to reduce their force. Though an undesirable approach to improving immediate cash flow, force reductions sometimes cannot be prevented. Kim Giangrande has worked with several leadership teams to assess this strategy. Under her lead, the team at Intuitive HR has demonstrated repeated success in implementing reductions in force in both the U.S. and Europe. An effective strategy should emphasize the impact on employees, both those departing and those remaining with the company.

We will work with you to devise a customized and comprehensive program that incorporates the company budget, legal compliance, and comprehensive outplacement services that support the employee’s next steps, while reaching the company’s financial requirements.

Retention Programs

Retaining great employees is difficult in all job markets. Our goal is to attract those candidates for you and keep them. We will work with you to create programs to attain the best employees.

Rewards Programs

Programs that focus on the key initiatives of the company and specifically, the financial goals established by leadership, help to keep all employees focused on the core goals of the organization. This leads to greater understanding and alignment and supports employee engagement. We will work with you to create programs that entice employees to be committed to the financial and project-oriented success of your organization.